Daily Fantasy Premier League GW5: Hot picks

Nations League was a lot of fun, but now the International break is over and we get back to Premier League. It kicks off with a bang; the early match on Saturday is Tottenham vs Liverpool. Last season’s two biggest goal scorers, Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane will be locked in a duel where the winner is the player who scores the most… fantasy points!

We should point out that while this duel is of big importance to those who are playing the seasonal fantasy game, the match is not included in the weekend’s daily fantasy competitions for game week 5, as these start out as usual at 4pm CET. It is however possible to compete in a Flexi-five fantasy tournament that focuses on this single game.

It is all about blue

Again it certainly looks like KUN AGUERO (14.8M) will be used as captain on most teams. The Argentinian has only scored in one out of four Premier League games so far this season, but to make up for it he bagged three goals against Huddersfield. We know what he is capable of, as he has scored more than 20 goals in the last four seasons – which is amazing. To make it even scarier for the Cardiff defence, Aguero has told the press this week “I feel the best I have in years”. The reason is, the 30 year old underwent a successful knee surgery at the end of last season, and seems to think that he will be even sharper this year. Worth noting, Aguero was not called up for the Argentina squad during the International break, so he will be fresher than some of his colleagues. Additionally, Fulham have let in two goals or more in all of their four matches in a new environment.

If you do not want to get on the Aguero train, there are many options, but none that really stands out in our view. EDEN HAZARD (14.6M) is in great form, but Chelsea struggle to create big chances even when dominating games. They do have a very nice fixture against Cardiff though on Stamford Bridge. Perhaps a better alternative is some of Aguero’s teammates, as they all will have some goal chances for sure against Fulham. How about DAVID SILVA (13.8M)? It is risky, but it is certainly possible that he can get more points than Aguero. The Spaniard is in great form, and as always involved in almost everything that is going on in the City attack. He scored nine times last season, even after staying away for several games, due to the medical troubles with his premature born son.

An arsenal of attacking power

Arsenal had an abysmal away record last season, with only four wins. No wonder they could not get into the top five, as all the other big teams won at least nine matches. We do not know why they performed so poorly on the road; perhaps this is not going to be the case this year. Regardless, Arsenal seem poised to score many goals in almost every match, so even against a Newcastle defence that we rather like, there should be some balls into the net for the visitors. AARON RAMSEY (10.8M) has started three out of four matches for The Gunners, and we believe he will start again, since he has really shown great form – even without scoring. The numbers lie though, because he is always a goal threat when he plays. Actually, he did score during the International break, as he got a nice goal for Wales in their 4-1 win over Ireland. He is injury-prone, but that is not really a problem for the daily fantasy players (only those working on the seasonal game). The match kicks off at 4p Saturday, so you can check the line-up to make sure he is in the starting XI. Another one to watch out for is ALEXANDRE LACAZETTE (11.2M). It seems like he is at last going to come to life in the London club. Against Cardiff, he got one goal and one assist, and he hit the post one time too! When he blasted the ball into the net ceiling for the deciding goal, he finally looked like the Lacazette we knew from the 2016/17 season in Lyon. Back then, he brought an impressive 28 goals in 30 matches to the Ligue 1 outfit. Obviously, PIERRE-EMERICK AUBAMEYANG (11.6M) is a possible candidate too. He is probably the first Arsenal shirt most fantasy players put on their team right now. In terms of expected fantasy points for this match, he should be up their along with the other two, but right now we really like Ramsey and Lacazette. Maybe the best solution is to have all three.

Fastest in the World?

We sent out a warning last round for ADAMA TRAORE (8.9M) and he came through for us, scoring a late goal for Wolverhampton against West Ham. While he did not start the game as we hoped for, he did show once again blistering pace. Traore himself have said that he “may be the fastest football player in the world”. Perhaps you will remember him from his days in Middlesbrough, where he was just as fast, but lacking an end product. Learning to slow down has helped him getting more accurate with passes and shots, as Traore on 80% speed still is faster than most opponents! Hopefully, the record Wolves signing will be in the starting XI this time. Then he will face a Burnley side that is not as solid as last season. In four games, they have actually let in nine goals. 8.9M seems like a cheap price.

This weekend JAMIE VARDY (7.8M) will be back after his three match suspension in Saturdays 4pm match against Bournemouth. The goal getter who scored 20 times last season could become very dangerous on counters against a Bournemouth team that usually plays very offensively at home. It seems to us that 7.8M is a bit cheap for a guy that scored 35 percent of Leicester’s Premier League goals last season.

It is not crystal clear, but…

When picking defenders, we like to keep it simple. If you are playing in a competition with lots of participants, say more than 50, you need to pick defenders from only two teams. For instance, you can pick three from Chelsea and three from Crystal Palace, although one of these must be a keeper, obviously. This week, we like the Crystal Palace defence. It is a bit risky, as they are playing away, and Huddersfield have been showing signs of improvement lately. Still, the Palace defenders are very cheap. The very capable PATRICK VAN AANHOLT (6.8M) is somehow not the most expensive defender from the club, which is a bit odd since he is known to be a defender with lots of attacking potential. His form is very good, too. JEFFREY SCHLUPP (6.9M) should be in the trio as well. He is listed as a defender, but plays left-winger, and he likes to shoot too. AARON WAN BISSAKA (6.7M) has nice runs on the left side, and is perhaps the best choice for the third guy.