Daily Fantasy Premier League GW7: Hot picks

The weekend’s Premier League round includes a very interesting clash between Chelsea and Liverpool. Both teams have started the season in an excellent way; Liverpool with six wins out of six possible and Chelsea with five. Will one of them run into their first loss of the season?

It is a hard match to predict. Not only is it very open in terms of who will win it, but also in terms of how many goals there will be – a very important aspect for fantasy players. MOHAMED SALAH (10.2M) showed progress against Southampton, and although he still is not quite in top form, it looks like he finally is heading in that direction. He is actually cheaper than SADIO MANE (10.8M) this week, perhaps a bit surprising as Mane was largely absent at Anfield the last time around. Chelsea have only conceded four times this season, though, so maybe it is not ideal to pick a Liverpool attacker at all.

Argentinian or French?

SERGIO AGUERO (14.8M) looks like a solid choice for captain once again. The Argentinian signed a new contract with Manchester City a few days ago, extending his stay until 2021, and that should tell you quite a bit about how Pep Guardiola now regards Aguero. Gabriel Jesus was Pep’s first choice striker for a while last season, but although he is still a very promising young player, he has performed a bit short of what was expected of him.  Aguero on the other hand, has been very good in almost all games this season. We all know him to be favoured by playing at home, and with Brighton letting in 1.83 goals per game on average, what is not to like? His companion up front lately, RAHEEM STERLING (14.2M) is certainly another good option. Be aware that Manchester City are scheduled to play a Champions League group stage match against Hoffenheim on Tuesday. Even though it should not be a very tough fixture for Manchester City, it certainly is possible that Pep will take Aguero off early – as he did against Cardiff – with that game in mind.

ALEXANDRE LACAZETTE (12.4M) scored a magnificent goal against Everton and confirmed that he finally is finding back to his impressive form from Lyon, a few years ago. Lacazette bagged no less than 76 goals during the last three seasons in the top French league before he transferred to Arsenal last summer. We watched many of those matches ourselves, and frankly, we expected more than the 14 goals he scored in his first Premier League season. We also expected him to play better. Hopefully, the true Alexandre Lacazette finally has arrived! Playing at home against Watford, Arsenal have a nice fixture for goal scoring. If you want to stand out from the pack, choosing Lacazette as captain must be a good option.  

Watch out for James & Jamie!

Leicester found themselves one goal down early on against Huddersfield, but came back in a nice way to win 3-1. James Maddison (7.8M) and Jamie Vardy (8.2M) both are in great form, and we expect them to get a lot of fantasy points in the coming weeks. Vardy has for once been a bit forgotten after he was suspended for three games, but he was involved a lot against Huddersfield. Newcastle did not impress against Crystal Palace, men managed to keep a clean sheet through solid defending. We expect them to play more offensively at home this weekend, hopefully giving our target duo space to create big chances. Prices around 8 million seem very reasonable.

Budget options

If you are sceptical to Arsenal’s chances against Watford, ROBERTO PEREYRA (6.5M) is worth considering. Arsenal did get a clean sheet against Everton, but their defence was really shaky at times. Watford played well against Fulham and actually looked like the better team in large parts of the game. As for Pereyra, we really like him as a player. He was not a big name on our radar last season, but it seems that he has improved a lot lately. He can dribble nicely and he certainly can deliver a mean shot.

Perhaps an even better budget option is DAVID BROOKS (6.8M). The 21-year old Bournemouth left-winger has been one of the surprises early on in the season. Last weekend he was Bournemouth’s best player in what was a slightly unlucky 4-0 defeat to Burnley. We think it is fair to say that Brooks has been a bit inconsistent is his performances this season, but he is clearly good enough to get a goal or probably more likely, an assist. As opposed to Pereyra, he is playing for a team that has a good chance to win, and therefore to get one or two impact points more. We do like RYAN FRASER (9.5M) too, as he has improved a lot this season. He is now a serious goal threat is every match he plays. It would be nice to see his price tag be a bit lower though.

Hunting in packs for a clean sheet

For defenders, we really like Wolverhampton this round. With six conceded goals so far, they are in joint 4th place for best defending team of the Premier League. It is not surprising, as Wolves were very solid even last year, in contrast to one of the other promoted teams, Fulham, who were not. Southampton’s best striker at the moment, Danny Ings, could not play against his parent club Liverpool, but will be back up front for this encounter. We still feel Wolverhampton should be able to keep a clean sheet; we watched them against Burnley and the clean sheet was never threatened. Reports say they played extremely well against Manchester United too. MATT DOHERTY (8.4) is our first choice. He is a wing-back, and is very aggressive on the right flank. Do not be surprised if he gets a goal or an assist to add on to his clean sheet points. JONNY (8.2M) is the left wing-back. He is not as offensive, but still a good choice. RYAN BENNETT (7.0M) has a very reasonable price, and should be included. RUI PATRICIO (8.8M) is a keeper we like a lot. He is a possible choice, even at this slightly expensive price.