Daily Fantasy Premier League GW10: Hot picks

If you are looking for overlay in competitions, the 10+1 euro Main Event for Premier League had only 1339 runners last weekend. That means a lot of “free money” was available, as the guarantee was for a whopping 20,000 euro! We are happy to inform you that the guarantee is unchanged for the upcoming weekend, so it is still time to get on the bandwagon!

The round has no early Saturday match, hence there are 10 matches included in the competition, instead of the usual nine. That means more options, and we really like that.

The stars are aligned for Salah

While MOHAMAD SALAH (14.5M) has not been at his best so far this season, we think he is about to find his form from last year. As we all know, that season ended with him winning the Golden Boot with 32 goals. Nobody thinks Salah will match that number this season, but we saw signs last week that the Egyptian is about to fine-tune his aim. Not only did he score a very nice goal, with the ball placed neatly into the corner – just as Salah of last season did so many times – but he almost made it too, with a similar shot. It went just wide, but it was clear improvement from earlier matches this season, where balls often went sky-high or very, very wide. Cardiff are visiting Anfield on Saturday, and it seems like a perfect candidate for Salah to revive his topscorer image. Cardiff have let in 19 goals in 9 matches, it is the second worst record of all teams in the Premier League this season.

For those looking to avoid the rounds most used captain, it could be smart to look at Salah’s teammates. As usual, ROBERTO FIRMINO (13.9M) and SADIO MANE (14.4M) are the real options. Mane has had some trouble with his thumb, but reports say he is good to go after having underwent a small operation. As this preview is written before Liverpool’s Champions League encounter with Crvena Zvezda on Wednesday evening, you may want to check up his performance there – if he is not sidelined because of the thumb. Regardless of that small injury, our impression right now is that Firmino is the one of the two that is in best form. And if you desperately want to avoid using Salah as captain, you should choose Firmino. We could be wrong, though. Sometimes we are!

The highlight of the round

The big, big match in gameweek 10 is Tottenham vs Manchester City. It has been scheduled for Monday evening, so in other words we will have to wait until Monday before we know who will be at the top of the table. Right now, it is Manchester City, but it is very close. Tottenham are in 5th place, but are only 2 points behind. We feel like the Manchester team is in best form of the two, so maybe your best bet is someone like RIYAD MAHREZ (11.6M), who is showing glimpses of what he impressed us with while at Leicester. He scored with a fantastic shot against Burnley when the ball curled into the top corner. It was really a typical Mahrez move, instead of going out wide; he tracked inside and took the shot. Pep has a lot of option in the attacking midfield, but it seems Mahrez is safe in the starting XI for now.

 The budget option

We admit it is a longshot, but KENEDY (5.5M) seems too cheap in this round. Newcastle face a tough task, away to Southampton, but they were unlucky not to win their match against Brighton, who profited on an accidental deflection by Kayal. For most of the match, the force was strongest with Newcastle. Kenedy actually managed to shoot 8 times, but could not repeat his success from the previous match, when he scored against Manchester United. The winger certainly has nice form these days, and could be a somewhat speculative, but still interesting candidate for the weekend.

Burnley will be singing the blues

We like Chelsea’s chances a lot in this round. If you are not picking attackers from the London side, you probably should pick defenders. Burnley are in really bad form these days, and the 0-5 loss to Manchester City only served to accentuate the distressing situation in the club. There were lucky to get one point at home against Huddersfield, and when they beat Cardiff 2-1 it was the Welshmen who looked like probable winners for the most of the match. Burnley has scored 10 times this season, which is not too bad, but 4 of those came in a not too typical match against Bournemouth. Normally, they will struggle to score against the very solid crew from Stamford Bridge. ANTONIO RUDIGER (9.8M) is the first one we would pick. The German scored one of his rare goals against Manchester United, on a nice header, but he has been playing more offensively this season, so it is not impossible he can get some chances besides set pieces. DAVID LUIZ (9.4M) is the cheapest one of the bunch. Additionally, it is tough to leave out one of the most liked fantasy players of all time, MARCOS ALONSO (10.8M).