Tips – Premier League Fantasy Sports

Less than 48 hours after Divock Origi scored the incredible winning goal for Liverpool in round 14, another round of Premier League football will have started. In this crazy month of December, we will have to create teams for no less than seven gameweeks! The deadline in midweek is Tuesday at 20:45 CET.

Experience tells us that Premier League managers will rotate their teams quite a bit during the intense month of December, so a good advice is to choose players from Tuesday instead of Wednesday, when you have candidates that are otherwise even in form and capacity.

The usual suspects

As usual, we look to Manchester City to find the top picks for this round. LEROY SANE (13.6M) has been impressive after the International break. He gave the Bournemouth defenders a lot of trouble, and ended up with two assists. RAHEEM STERLING (14.2M) was amazing as well, constantly involved in attack (and scoring once). The big question is what Pep Guardiola does about the heavy match program. Eventually he will have to rest some players, but both Sane and Sterling have played a lot of minutes lately, including double shifts during the International break. DAVID SILVA (13.2M) probably will return to the starting XI after getting only 16 minutes from the bench this weekend. He has never been better, and Gundogan got mixed reviews after his performance in the midfield spot that Silva normally occupy, so we will be surprised if the little Spaniard is not back. BERNARDO SILVA (12.2M) should be safe too, as there is really no alternative to him in the spot that Kevin de Bruyne kept so well last season. De Bruyne is still out, injured. SERGIO AGUERO (13.6M) sustained “a slight knock” during the Champions League encounter with Lyon, and consequently, GABRIEL JESUS (13.2M) lead the line against Bournemouth. Aguero could be back now, but we just do not know at this point. Fortunately, the fixture against Watford is scheduled to Tuesday, which means Pep will have to make his line-up choices before we make ours. Provided they do start, our top choices are Sane, Sterling and Da Silva.

Bournemouth set to get back to winning ways

Bournemouth have four losses in a row, but they did in fact play well in almost all of those matches. The 1-2 loss to Arsenal could easily have ended on a more positive note, as Bournemouth had many missed opportunities in that match. Playing about even with Arsenal seems even better now after Arsenal’s great performance against Tottenham this weekend! JOSHUA KING (10.2M) is back from a minor injury, and showed top form against Manchester City. In reality, we never expected Bournemouth to have a chance against the reigning champions, but more than a few times Bournemouth and especially King showed some nice attacking moves. We think that right now King is the best option for those looking for a Bournemouth attacker, even though it is close between him and CALLUM WILSON (11.3M). Wilson is in good form too, and managed to score a goal against Manchester City with a very nice header. His record of seven Premier League goals this season is slightly better than King’s five, but King has played less minutes and is a million cheaper. Both were subbed five minutes before the end at the weekend, as manager Howe no doubt had an eye on the upcoming Tuesday fixture. Huddersfield were unlucky when Mounie was sent off after only 32 minutes against Brighton. At that point, they were leading 1-0, but one whole hour with only 10 player was too tough and they lost 1-2 in the end. Huddersfield are not so bad as their reputation, but Bournemouth are in much better form that it looks, and a team that can score a lot of goals. Perhaps the best option is to go with double Bournemouth attackers.

In the bargain bin

The change of manager at Fulham has turned out well. They got a nice 3-2 win over Southampton last week, and actually played really well against Chelsea this weekend, even though they lost 0-2 in the end. There was a time late in the second half when Chelsea were leading 1-0, when we started to doubt that they would win the match. Fulham were just that good. With this in mind, we do not hesitate in recommending ALEKSANDR MITROVIC (8.6M) as one of the high-value, cheap players this time. Mitrovic has scored seven times in Premier League this season, and with that, he is 6th in the goal scorer table – which is fairly impressive considering he is playing for the bottom team! He is doing well on the National team of Serbia as well, scoring twice during the International break. We really like the way he handles himself in the box. He is just a great striker. We believe he can score against Leicester.

We normally do not recommend single defenders, as we like to play 3+3 in defence, but CALUM CHAMBERS (6.6M) is worth considering if you want to go with 3+1 or something like that. Listed as a defender, but playing in a fairly offensive midfield role against Chelsea, Chambers actually had three shots on goal this week, which was same as Son, Zaha and Pedro – and the most any player had. The 23-year-old was an offensive right wing back when he played for Arsenal, and we expect him to create some problems for the Leicester defence. The chance for clean sheet is perhaps not great, but it is definitely worth something too.

Everton nice clean sheet candidate

We expected Liverpool to win fairly easily against Everton on Sunday, but Everton defended well and would have gotten another clean sheet if Pickford had not had a freak accident in the overtime of the overtime! Interestingly, Everton have conceded only two goals in the last four matches. Watching the match, we were impressed by the team. The opponent on Wednesday is Newcastle, another team in good form, but they struggle to score. We will be surprised if Everton do not keep a clean sheet for this game! Our first choice for defenders is SEAMUS COLEMAN (9.2M), who is an offensive-minded wingback, who can get an assist or even a goal on a good day. MICHAEL KEANE (8.8M) always is a threat on set pieces. YERRY MINA (7.8M) is the cheapest Everton defender. He is perhaps not a 100% sure starter, especially when the many matches line up in December. JORDAN PICKFORD (9.8M) is a safe choice, a bit expensive, but perhaps a better option than Mina.